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Fantasy-Virus Fantasy-Virus

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Fucking awesome.

Bloody Anne Bloody Anne

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is really great, but i'm a detailist and the dagger looks weird being on that angle, like between her legs. Shouldn't it be like ... from outside the left leg?

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AlvinHew responds:

Depends how it's positioned on the body. The swords sheaths are positioned on the outside of her leg, but the dagger is positioned on the inside.

michael the friendly ghost michael the friendly ghost

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Really funny :). I actually think it isn't a great deal that he died today ...
Because, his fame time happened a long time ago, and he'll be remembered for it, i loved that Michael Jackson, not the actuall one, with his racist issues, and child molester thingies..

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peixeaquatico responds:


'Wacky Fish' 'Wacky Fish'

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piiiiichula :D

Butzbo responds: